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  Why is the extraction method used during Nancellar better than other extraction processes used in the industry today?

Nancelluar. preserves the active ingredient in the herbs through our proprietary micronizing technique while most traditional methods expose the herb to high temperatures and pressures, which can destroy or severly damage the active ingredients. The Nancellular. process does not expose the raw material to very high pressures or temperatures. During extraction, we use mainly regurlar water extraction with occassional help of sodium or the use of a centrifuge at a pre-determined speed. No alcohol is ever used during the entire process. Also, the extraction efficiency in other methods is relatively low and the botancial bioactivity can be destroyed during the process. Further, the concentration vessel and heat exchanger produce sub-optimal yields of herbal concentrate. A certain amount of concentrate is lost due to foaming, a certain amount of concentrate is burned at the bottom and side the concentration vessel and other concentrate becomes trapped in the heat exchanger. In the most traditional extraction methods, the concentrate liquid contains complex compounds that are both active and inactive. Such compounds are then put into medicine. The efficacy may not compare with the botancial active monomer further isolated from the concentrate. The chemical solvents used in many other methods today may not recycle completeley and residual chemicals may be harmful to the body. In the traditional process, dealing with heavy metals has not been paid sufficient attention. Serious problems may arise, such as neural harm, kidney harm and even cancer if the they are taken for a long period of time or large amount at one time.

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