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   Why are your products more expensive than other herbal products on the market?

Our products may seem expensive when compared to the most traditional herbal formulas sold on the market today, but keep in mind that no other product in the world is manufactured using the exclusive Nanocellular. procedure.Nanocellular is a very extensive, time-consuming process that results in such an incredible product. Through this process, we can get purified products that contain abundant active compounds and little impurity. The extracting rate of this method is only about 2-5%, but common water extraction is about 30% , and alcohol is about 15%. This is because we have efficiently removed the impurity and liquid component. Through these processes we can remove the component that easily absorbs moisture and enhances the stability of the finished products. Another important point is that the process can remove heavy metals very effectively and completely. Besides the above method, according to the molecular recognition principle, our researchers have developed a new method that allows us to extract and isolate active compounds from complex botancials. We mainly use HPLC(combining with MS (mass spectrum) to complete isolation, purification, selection and identification of botancials active compounds. Our company also only uses the finest quality raw materials. Because of the fact that our extracting rate is only 2-5%, we have to use more raw materials than most manufacturers in order to produce a very potent and targeted end product. Also, most herbal formulas have been taken over a long period of time before postivie results are obtained. Because of B.E.E., the positive benefits from using our products are usually felt or seen within the very first dosage. An individual using our products might have to invest a little money in the beginning, but he or she usually ends up saving money in the long run because our products work so quickly in helping the body heal itself. In most cases, our products need only be taken for a short period of time. Many individuals who have used our products have reported that they felt completely better and no longer needed to take our products or they only needed to take the products occassionally for maintenance purpose. People usually save money by using our products because they don't have to pay as much for prescription medication or spend as much money taking a bunch of supplements or herbal products.

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