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   Can your products be taken in combination with prescription drugs, other supplements and herbs?

Yes. So far, all of our products have been determined to be safe enough to be used in combination with prescription drugs, other supplements and herbs. There hasn't been a single reported incident to date of any harmful interactions using our formulas in combination with other products. We have conducted full toxicity studies on all of our products and the results show that our products are non-toxic and extremely safe. The results of the toxicity studies are outlined in detail on our website at www.bio-theory. com. However, if prescripiton drugs are currently being taken, one may wish to work closely with his or her doctor when deciding how and when to start using our products in combination with the prescripition medication. Sometimes it may be hard to tell which product is working if the prescription medication is still being taken at the standard dosage while adding our product. We do not recommend reducing or stopping the use of prescription medication without the doctor's consent. In a majority of the cases, reducing the amount of the prescription medication while beginning to take one of products generates positive results. A person could then consult with his or her physician to determine whether or not to stop the use of the prescription drug to see if our product can generate positive results on it's own. We do recommend that the patient closely monitors his or her condition on a daily basis while using our products whether or not they are used on their own or in combination with other products.

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