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  Why are your products so fast-acting and effective?

Our products works so quickly and effective because of Nanocellular.. Currently, most herbal product manufacturers usually break the raw material into small pieces or powder prior to extraction. However, the most active ingredients in the botancials are within the cell wall and the common extraction methods do not break the cell wall. With Nanocellular . we are able to break the cell wall by using our proprietary extra-micronizing smashing machine, so that the active ingredients disassociate out. The active ingredients are then used in our final product. It is already a well known fact that the micronized degree of the powder closely associates with the absorbency and bioavailability of the medicine. The common smashing process which most manufacturers utilize, hardly breaks the cell wall, so the active components inside do not come out completely. The effect of the extractions is thereby not very satisfactory. We use the extra-micronizing smashing machine that can turn the raw materials into powder as small as 5 mm or less. Under this size, the botancials' cell wall has been mostly broken and the compounds inside disassociate out, so the efficiency of extraction during the future steps may be increased. Most of the unextracted ingredients that we put in our finished product have been extra-micronized so as to ensure more active compounds and better clinical effects. The active ingredient is left with only the active constituent, which resutls in better absorption and assimilation. Our product works on the cellular level, binds to the cells more efficiently and is thereby more potent and targeted.

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