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Enhance kidney prostate and urinary



Helps to cleanse the body of toxins and stones

Kidneystone: 2 Boxes(16 Bottles)




2Boxes $ 799.20

...... Benefits

Harvard University's Latest Research Shows that people over 40 years old all have various degrees of stones in the body. 50% of the people with family history of stones have stones between the age of 20 and 40. Statistics also shows that most people have delayed their treatment because of the 'quiescent stage' (i.e.no obstruction or infection) of the stones. The delay allows the small stones to grow bigger, the stones density to increase and thus become harder, and therefore cause obstruction of bile duct and cause hyposecretion of bile, gallbladder atrophy, inflammation,and then lead to perforation of gallbladder. Stones in urinary system may cause incurable severe disease such as uronephrosis, nephritis, uremia and carcinoma of urinary bladder.


1. Enhance the breakdown of metabolic wastes, improve the function of kidney, Bladder, Urinary and Prostate.*

2. Accelerate the breakdown of calcium oxalate stones, calcium phosphate stones and uric acid stones.*

3. Reduce the integration of oxalic acid, phosphoric acid and calcium.

4. help eliminating the excessive fluid from the body.*

5. reduce the infection and inflammation of urinary system and improve the health of kidney function.*


Cranberry Fruit Extract.,Barley Grass Extract.,Pumpkin Seed Extract.,Corn Silk Extract.,

Parsley Leaf Extract.,Gelatin., Silicon., Dioxide.,Fiber.,Magnesium Stearate.

Suggested Use:

Take 2 Capsules at up 2 times daily with a glass of water.



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