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Help the gout Pain help normalize Uric Acid Levels a relatively short time relief in 1-3 days
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200 mg B.E.E., 30 tablets

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It is estimated that in the United States alone one million people suffer from attacks of gout.

Gout is an arthritic condition involving needle-like crystals which deposit in the joints, causing swelling and extreme pain. The crystals are uric acid, which is a normal waste product of the food we eat. Uric acid is normally filtered out of the body by the kidneys and is eliminated as urine. In patients with gout, the level of uric acid rises above normal and crystals deposit in the ligaments and cartilage.

An abnormality in the production or elimination of uric acid can cause attacks of gout arthritis, kidney stones, and even in extreme cases, the blockage of the kidney tubules with uric acid crystals, leading to kidney failure.

The joint most affected in gout is the big toe, though other joints may also be affected, such as the knee, ankle, foot, hand, wrist and elbow.

Goutol is designed to help reduce uric acid levels in the blood, help to relieve the pain of joints and muscles and increase the mobility of the affected body parts through its anti-inflammatory activities and mood enhancement properties.

Mint Leaves B.E.E.: helps to relieve pain and may also be able to reduce uric acid levels by possibly improving the renal tubular secretion of acid. In addition, it may help with mood enhancement.

Thyme B.E.E.: contains thymol, carvacrol and flavonoids. It helps improve circulation, reduces edema and lessens the pain of joints and muscles.

Kelp B.E.E.: contains complete protein and vital minerals to reduce serum uric acid levels.

Calcium: helps reduce stress caused by the disorder and improves sleeping patterns.
Goutrol has been successfully used to:
Help the Gout patients in managing pain in a relatively short time.
Maintain a normal uric acid level both in gout patients and healthy people who do not know they have elevated uric acid.
Assist liver in processing and maintaining a normal uric acid level in the body.
Provide an alternate solution to Gout attacks from prescribed medication without the side-effects such as nausea, vomiting, and/or diarrhea.

Suggested Usage: Take 2-3 tablets at any stage of gout development. For maintenance: Take 1 tablet daily, anytime.

Safety and Efficacy: A safety report (Toxicity, microbiology and heavy metals) from our laboratory is available upon your written request. A complete package of testimonials and physicians’ reports is available upon your written request.


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